SONICS, Intimacy 2022

Move a bit closer to me…


Why do birds suddenly appear
Every time you are near?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you

The shared sense of intimacy we all desire. To feel physically, emotionally or digitally close to someone, something, somewhere. To be apart of a collective, connected to others regardless of skin colour, religious beliefs or favourite Drake album. A simple nod of the head in appreciation of your quirky choice of hair colour or imported sneakers. Sorry if this sounds like a teen Vogue article explaining sex for adolescence, but please move your face a tiny bit away from the screen, I feel like we might kiss… I feel like we could accept that we would all like to be more intimate, on a level we haven’t figured out yet, and aren’t sure how to – but maybe we are close.

What’s it take to call your brother
Just to say you miss him and you wish you could spend time
What’s so serious that you can’t just pick up the phone
Let him know you love him
And that he’s been on your mind

We want to collaborate on cross provincial, continental projects for not only the tangible outputs but the process as well. Our lust for a niche collective which satisfies our aesthetic, ethical and Pinterest mood-board is supplemented by overextending creative projects. The switch up in Frank Ocean’s Nights is the background music for not only our young lover’s first kisses but also the underground parties hosted by internet cults. We are in a good place I believe, but we need to be more transparent with what we actually fuck with and not what we coerced into enjoying through algorithms.

And all these intersections
Where we’ve been kept and left in
I wonder why God keeps us alive?

It feels as though life is a bit more delicate now, maybe it has always been so, but the light rays have shone through the porcelain and we are able to see the cracks more clearly.

If you have a story on intimacy, email me.


Images courtesy of Franasonic ©

Photography: Francesco Mbele
Characters: Sasha De la Ray & Zay Goolam

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