Guaranteed protection…

To simply feel protected. Protected by family, a lover, friends, or an ancient symbol. It is something which we take for granted until we are under the sense of danger.

If we choose to be conscious of what is on the news, whatsapp statuses or your aunties broadcast messages, understandably we would all be paranoid with fears overwhelming us with every move. But we are protected, by things we do not even understand.

Like any other creative entity, Franasonic are merchants of a promise, a promise of a feeling. Like an artist sells the promise of a change in perspective or a feeling of tranquility, Franasonic sells the promise of a sense of protection. Therefor, The Nazar or evil eye is simply a mystical coalition and everything else just falls into place following that trust.

Get protected today.

Starring Luke Ncube & Thato Nzimande

Photography & Styling Francesco Mbele


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